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    Multiple instances of single tween on one layer?


      Hello all,


      Flash newbie here. I am trying to animate a world map, with dots popping up in various parts of the map as a timeline at the bottom of the page progresses. I have a simple shape tween of a circle that turns from black to green. I need to have 75-100 of these dots appear all over the map at 1-5 frames apart (each tween is about 5 frames).


      Is there any way to put all of these tweens on a single layer, or am I going to be stuck with 100+ layers? The problem I am having with the single-layer method is that every time I add a new instance of the tween by adding a new key frame, then copying the tween and moving the dot on the stage, the previous dot dissappears, and I need the dots to gradually build up until the map is filled with them at the end.


      thanks for the help!