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    Problem with 'simple' File Download Function


      Using ADDT I have created a simple form to upload a file and add a name, then have the name present on a web page with a link to allow download of the file. I have created this same functionality for other clients with no problems but I cannot get this to work correctly for this current client. File uploads fine and shows up in the upload folder just fine, and I can create a manual link and download the file successfully. The page to list and display the links loads OK, and the links appear to be created OK, with the file name, but when you click on the link all that happens is a blank page opens up. No download, no download window asking if you want to save or open the file, nothing.


      Any ideas?


      You can view the download page at http://www.clcconline.org/handouts.php.


      TIA for any asistance.