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    flex builder 3 code assist

      I am evaluating flex builder 3. There's one feature that I am missing: Flex builder doesn't give me code assist when I begin to type an identifier. Code assist only pops up when I type a dot or a colon or use Ctrl+Space. In for instance flashdevelop or visual studio i get immediate code assist when I type the second character of an identifier. This is great timeseaver, because it saves me a lot of typing. I annoys me that I have to hit Ctrl+Space everytime I want to do this in Flex builder. I can't find a setting for it in the preferences, so it doesn't seem possible. Why?

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          That would be nice to have but its a minor annoyance compared to all the other features you get with Flex.
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            "wyattbiker" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message
            > That would be nice to have but its a minor annoyance compared to all the
            > other features you get with Flex.

            I would find the other way annoying, considering that I might be typing
            something else entirely. For instance, when I start typing "if", I REALLY
            don't want anything suggesting I might want to be typing IFactory every

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              JanvanC Level 1
              Did you try flashdevelop? If you type 'if' you get the template for 'if'.
              I'll give you example:
              In flashdevelop: to write 'addChild', I need just four keystrokes: <a><d><d><enter>. Because I know that <a><d><d> gives me addChild as the first option I can do this blindly.

              In flex builder I have to do <a><d><d><Ctr+Space><enter>. Especially typing <Ctr+Space> hinders my typing flow (I type blindly with 10 fingers).

              I think it would be simple in flex builder to give us the choice. If flex builder can offer code assist on <Ctr+Space> they can also give it on every keystroke I make. So it would be nice if a next version would give us this choice.

              Off course I would like to use Flex Builder, because it gives me features that flashdevelop doesn't have. But on the other hand: I like flashdevelops code assist better.

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                Peter Lorent Level 2
                FDT also has nice code assist and constantly builds the project so you can see immediately where you are going wrong. Even though I used FDT for a long time, somehow Flexbuilder just feels good, I don't know what it is. I use it nowadays to do almost all projects, mxml or actionscript only. On occassion I use FDT or FD but once you get the hang of it, imho Flexbuilder wins. Maybe it depends on the workflow. FD and FDT require some more work to get things compiling with the Flex SDK, FD uses configuration files for all your includes, assets and compiler settings. In Flexbuilder it's just easier and feels like a more natural flow. Yes, it took me some time to get used to FB but in the end I must say it's a great tool for a small price...