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    how to get instance name from button to display in dynamic text box


      first off, thank god for you people. lol.

      Here is my scenario, I am the consumate designer and learning coding by leaps and bounds, today its been a lot of stumbling though.

      I have a website i designed which contains buttons that navigate the user to different points on the timeline using frame labels. when they get to the appropriate frame label, they are presented with a movieclip containing two layers. The bottom layer is a map, and the upper layer is a collection of printer buttons that have a tooltip component on them that show you detailed printer info on mouse over and takes you to the printer remote ui on release. each button has a unique queue name for the appropriate printer as its instance name (ex. itm100_btn). Here's the jist... I want to be able to place a dynamic text box near the printer button and using action script have it display the printer queue name automatically simply based on the button its targeting, or even placing the dynamic txt box inside the printer button mc. See, on some pages, there are like 24 printers... I DREAD having to put all these names in manually as there are like 150 printers total! YIKES...


      Oh and it's AS2.0 with Flash cs4

      in short... god bless you people... for the love of god can someone help me? lol.

      Thanks so much peoples!

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