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    Verity Searches


      Is there a way to find out the most often typed search terms used against my verity collections?
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          verity does not record what a collection has been searched for. you have
          to log searched phrases manually in a db/file.


          Azadi Saryev
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            SamNUK Level 1
            Thanks. Does the same apply for Lucene?
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              i have not used Lucene, but i would assume it does apply to it, too.
              Verity-like collections are just that - collections of
              documents/references/data. They will search their collections' contents
              based on user input, but they do not natively integrate with any
              specific db or other storage engine - you have to capture user input and
              store it separately if you need to. If I am totally wrong about this
              someone will correct me.

              In any case, capturing user input is very simple to implement: you
              probably have a form with a search box for users to search your
              collections - just save user input in the db before performing cfsearch.

              You can even extend it further to check if a user has actually typed
              anything in the search box and perform cfsearch only when there is a
              valid user input, and display a "Please enter your search phrase"
              warning otherwise...

              iirc, there are also ways to check what cfsearch actually searched for,
              but exact implementation of that with Verity skips my mind right now...
              (had a few beers already :) )

              Azadi Saryev