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    How do I change button skin with function arguments?


      Hi guys, I am building a map witch I represent with buttons grid 40*26, now I wont to create a function in action script that will get a string that contains the folder name where I am storing the buttons skin data for example:



      private var _upSkin:Class;


      private var _overSkin:Class;


      private var _downSkin:Class;


      private function changeMap():void


           slot:Button=new Button();






      This is what I managed to do up to now, what I would like to do is to send to changeMap() a string with the path name, but some how I can't embed a variables, I will be glade if you could find a solution for that.


      This is the link for my site, so you can see what I am talking about. I am not always online but you can try.




      *Best view under 1280*960 rez