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    Vurgent...help required. Can any1 solve this...


      Hi! I am new bie to flex. I am using flex builder3 to stream video from a streaming server. I have to complete this project in few days.

      To do that i am first of all trying to display a video from local computer. Its fairly simple to do that using video display component.


      Now i was trying to do that using action script. I am having lot of queries regarding that:


      1) Whenenever i try to make a separate action file, even a simple example as hello world: compiler shows an error message that "Packages cannot be nested". What do v mean by this error, and how can i remove this error.? the code i write is for eg.




        public class abc


                function xyz() : void






      Such a simple code also give above error.


      2) Second, to display video using action script, I write code in action script file using netconnect(),netstream, video class.

           (i) First above error comes(that packages cant be nested) ,

           (ii) If i try to write this code in a function instread of in a package /class; it is not able to connect to that file.


      3) Can anyone provide running code for this. I tried code given in help contents, but couldnot get it t work.

      Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

      Thx for reading.