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    1280x720 footage from Nikon D90

    mickkeay Level 1

      Someone is sending me some footage shot on a Nikon D90 (DSLR with "HD" movie mode)

      The SD card has yet to arrive but I went looking for some sample footage on net and found some (just a few secs)

      It is the avi which is straight off the camera




      I can get it into CS4 OK -  but either in preview windown or on timeline it  appears to scrub / play (audio is ok) - but only shows the first video frame.

      It plays OK wmp etc

      Any ideas what's going on?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Just a guess here, but I'd check which MJPEG CODEC you have installed on your system. There have been problems reported with the D-90 footage. Normally for MJPEG footage either the Morgan or the MainConcept MJPEG CODEC is recommended. However, from reports that I have read, the Morgan (usually a reliable CODEC) exhibits some issues. Many others have had luck installing the MainConcept MJPEG CODEC to work with these files.


          First thing that I would do is run the file through G-Spot, mainly to see what it says about your test file, and also to see if G-Spot finds an appropriate MJPEG CODEC on your system.


          If, as I suspect, you have the Morgan, G-Spot should tell you that everything is OK, but as you will still be having the problem, you might wish to try installing the MainConcept CODEC to see if PrPro plays better with it.


          Good luck, and please report your findings. This is a fairly new camera, and it seems that Nikon has implemented a few modifications to the MJPEG CODEC. I wish that they would ship the camera with the exact CODEC necessary (users report that none is included), but they seem to want users to struggle by and do that on their own. If you have the software DVD for that camera, you might want to explore it carefully. Just because some other users could not find a CODEC on it does not mean that one is not there. Seems odd to me, that Nikon would not include all that is necessary, but stranger things have happened.



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            mickkeay Level 1

            Thanks for the pointers. Gspot reports M JPEG codec and reports that it uses ffdshow to play the clip. Interestingly, when I load the clip into cs4 it pops up with a "do you want to use ffdshow... once, always etc) Whether I chose to use it or not the video still only shows the first frame. Will have a look at other MJPEG codecs. Did anyone download the few sec clip in post 1 and use it in CS4 OK?  Thanks Mike

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I downloaded the clip out off curiosity.

              I do not have any additional codecs installed. Gspot tells me MJpeg is installed.

              Well it did not play in Premiere, just the first frame was visible however it did play in the Bridge.

              The only way to get it played in Premiere is to install the Morgan or Mainconcept codec as Bill already suggested.

              I installed the Mainconcept trial and it runs perfectly.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Thank you for that test and the results. Glad to know that the MainConcept CODEC does work. Not sure what problems others were having with the Morgan, but it seemed to not handle the D-90 MJPEG's at all. Do not know if it worked for others, who have just not posted of their success.



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                  Dag Norum Level 2

                  I also downloaded it because so far I have not had to deal with footage from D90, but some/many of my jobs include footage from "strange" sources.


                  One thing that strikes me is that so few editors have seen the benefits of PhotoShop handeling video.


                  Anyway, I'm still on CS3, and I hope still it's the same in CS4...


                  I imported the video to PS and it was no sweat to convert (render) it to something Premiere "eats" quite well (uncompressed avi in my case). And, NO need for any installation of new codecs ($$).



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    That's neat. I *assume* that you have PS CS3 Extended. Is that correct? I'm still on PS CS2, but plan on picking up the Extended version, when I upgrade. So far, I've not seen many details about it, and how it handles video. Any good links to articles? If not, maybe you should write some...





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                      mickkeay Level 1

                      Thanks All

                      I found that either the Morgan or Mainconcept worked. Being a cheapskate I then searched for "free mjpeg codec" and found a mjpegcodecv3.2.4 which installs OK (and works) but shows as a "MainConcept Demo" in programs. It does not add any demo logo and there is no indication that it is time limited - so I guess I will wait and see if it stops working or starts nagging me.

                      I must add that some of the footage from the D90 (which is 1280/720 / 24fps)  is quite impressive considering it comes from a DSLR which has video as a sideline - some compression artifacts - but not bad

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        That is good news and thank you for reporting. Glad that you had luck with the Morgan MJPEG CODEC. As I said, I'm not sure what issues others had with it, but it could be as simple as OE, on their parts. Since the D-90 is becoming popular, I think we'll see a lot more folk using them and your experience will help others. I will now refrain from commenting that Morgan does not work, thanks to your investigation.


                        It's been similar with the Canon 5D MKII and its MOV files. I also saw one of the cine companies marketing all sorts of add-ons for the Canon. They had it "tricked up," like a big Sony or Panasonic.


                        I think that these two cameras will probably win a lot of converts, who do not need a pure HD video camera. Hope that their file formats get sorted out.


                        Good luck, and hope that your CODEC does not time-out!



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                          mickkeay Level 1

                          Thanks Hunt

                          The Morgan codec is cheap so if my MC version expires I will buy if I still need to. Bit off forum subject but I did have my eye on a Canon 5D Mk 2 as my old Pentax DSLR is getting a bit tired and I liked the idea of the Canon's 1920x1080 / 30 movie mode and ext mic - but it is too expensive for me as just an occasional still shooter - although I am strangely attracted to the idea of a DSLR with a decent "HD" movie capability (with the lens inter-changability)  So I may just look more closely at the D90. With the codec installed the footage edits really quite well in CS4


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                            Dag Norum Level 2



                            Yes, I have PS CS3 Extended (from the bundle).


                            For me, the video possibilities in PS made PS to be a new essential tool in my video toolbox.


                            If I remember right, the tutorials I saw about video in PS was at Lynda. I selected a month subscription as the "gift" that came with the CS3 bundle.

                            BTW, Lynda is GOOD, now I know that if I need training, I wouldn't think twice about paying $25 for a month subscription (watch as much as you want).


                            Here's a link to Lynda (for PS CS3):  http://www.lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=379