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    Very basic problem with MultiCam Mode

    littlegreeneighbour Level 1

      'I've treated myself to the Adobe Premiere CS3 package a few months bach - until that time I've basically worked with AVID Liquid. I use Multi Camera Mode a lot, because I often have to documents concerts.

      While I'm very familiar with MultiCam in Liquid I just can't get it done in Premiere and the "Help" didn't help at all. So - this is probably a really primitive and stupid question, but I'd be happy about any help you can give me...


      I have two clips showing different angles from a concert. I've captured them in Premiere Pro and they're now in my project.

      I already synchronised them. So I now have a sequence withadobe.jpg

      two clips.

      When I now go to Window- Multi Camera Monitor, I only get the same frame in large previews on both the left and right side.


      Adobe Help says:

      If the Multi‑Camera Monitor displays the same frame in large previews on both the left and right side, the current clip is either not a multi‑camera clip or a multi‑camera clip that is not enabled.


      So how do I turn the normal clips into mult camera clips? Or activate them?


      Again, sorry for that primitive question, but I'm at a loss right now. Thx in advance.