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    File Upload utility functionality

    Tony Soto
      I created a record keeping system where the user 3 uploads a files. When the user opens the system the second time to upload new files and perhaps only uploads 1 file the database records of the two other files are overwritten and not maintained. How do I correct this issue. The action page has been included.
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          TiGGi Level 1
          If i can understand it right you need to check if there are any files uploaded aleady. If there is let user only upload the file that's missing. So if in your upload form you have 3 separete file selections, so lets say user has already uploaded 1 file and it's in Attachm1, hide this item in your form.

          <cfif query.Attachm1 NEQ "">
          "Hide File Selection for File 1"
          "Show File Selection for File 1"