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    Exporting AE comp for Final Cut


      Hello everyone,


      I need some help with a project i'm working on.  I'm making a video project in which i need to do some titling.  Normally i use all adobe stuff for my video editing but for this particular project i'm required to do the editing in final cut.  so now to the problem......I'm doing the titling in Adobe After Effects and i'm trying to export that comp into final cut.  Now the way i'm doing it is ...i would export my AE comp to a .mov doc and then import that file to final cut.  What i don't like about this is the background that i get by default on the .mov files.  Is there any way i can make the background transparent?  I'm making two different comps for my text and my background.....The background has transferred over perfectly.....the text comp is the one that i get the default background.


      Hope all this makes sense.....


      Please help.....Thank you.