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    Getting Past Square 1

    McFrisco Level 1

      Very simple problem. 3 MovieClips.  3 functions. Each go to a separate frame.

      Action Script 2, publish settings set to Flash 8 and ActionScript 2.0:


      TestBtn.onPress = function() {

      TestBtn1.onPress = function() {

      TestBtn2.onPress = function() {

      Script is in a separate layer.

      MovieClips named correctly, labels made, no errors when I check the script.

      But, Nothing reacts when I do the TestMovie.

      What am I missing here?

      I know this is boring and basic, but if I can just get past this, I can create that mind boggling mobile app I have all sketched out...


      I tried to attach a .fla for you to look at but for some reason this file type is not allowed, which I find odd, being this is a FLASH forum!

      Thanks in advance!