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    Is it possible to use mx.controls in ActionScript class?


      I am very new to Flex, with a very small amount of experience in ActionScript so forgive me if the answer to this is obvious. I've tried searching and haven't found a conclusive solution to my problem.


      I have a Flex project that I am building in Flex Builder 3. The main application is in mxml, but most of the classes I'm using are in ActionScript.


      The general purpose of the application is to create a flowchart that accepts certain inputs on the elements in the charts. The chart components are all ActionScript classes. I am attempting to add a combobox to a component, but despite not getting any errors or warnings I can't get the combobox to show up.


      Here's a simplified version of the code within the class (I've left out the stuff that doesn't directly relate to my issue):



          import mx.controls.ComboBox;

                newComboBox = new ComboBox();
      newComboBox.initialized = true;
      newComboBox.alpha = 1;
      newComboBox.dataProvider = valueArray;
      newComboBox.x = 5;
      newComboBox.y = -5;
      newComboBox.height = 20;
      newComboBox.width = width - 60;
      newComboBox.visible = true;