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    HD Playback yields dropped frames


      Prior to upgrading to CS4 i had been running Premier Pro.  I was able to capture & play back 1080i 10bit video without any issue.  Since the upgrade, I have not had a single instance where I can playback more than a few seconds of video without the software stopping because of dropped frames.  I am running the following hardware:


      HP xw 8200

      3GB RAM

      dual 3.4 GHz Pentium Xeon processors

      Black Magic HD extreme

      NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500

      1.5TB HUGE storage systems U320 dual bus external raid (in a raid 5 configuration i believe)



      I have tried to defrag. the RAID drive, I have checked to make sure that all the drives are indeed working, I have no idea what the issue could be.  I am starting to believe that it might be a processing issue, is there a place within premiere that would allow me to control how much CPU usage & how man CPUs the software uses? 


      A final note,  our avid Nitris systems have a function that allows you to defragment a particular file so that it is contiguous on your RAID, is there a function within premiere that will allow me to accomplish the same thing?  Is there a 3rd party application that will do this? 


      If you have any other ideas or tips & tricks to share, please send them my way... this is driving me nuts!







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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          To answer your questions: no, no, Defrag.


          From the way you posed your question, I derive there is still a lot to learn about PC's. Sorry if this sounds condescending, but I presume that had you been knowledgeable, you would have given the info in a different way. To put it bluntly, you may be an editor, but not a PC wizard.


          1.5 TB is not huge. It may be sufficient.


          You say you captured 10 bit video. From what camera and how? HD-SDI?


          Your nVidia drivers? nVidia has recently shown problems with their drivers.


          Same about your BM drivers.


          Have a look here: If you need help quickly...Guideline for posting an effective question

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            ray_ratliff Level 1

            Thank you for your response and the link at the bottom.


            To clarify, I know that 1.5TB is not a huge amount of storage.  The manufacture, Ciprico, has branded this particular line of its products as "HUGE".  I am capturing footage from the Sony PDW-F70 & the HDW-F500.  I know that you are thinking "the PDW-F70" is an XD deck, why are you capturing the files instead of just copying over the files".  You are correct, I do copy the files over, but after reading other posts, people talk about issues with different players, so I wanted to try this as an option. 


            My NVIDIA drivers is currently at:


            I am not sure what "BM" is, could you explain that acronym for me?


            Thank you for your feedback.

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              ray_ratliff Level 1

              Hah, I just realized you mean Black Magic, sorry, brain fart...


              Black Magic Driver is currently at: 7.0

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                For your video card the drivers are currently at version 182.46 (at least for Vista 64). So are you current?


                I'm not sure how best to ingest HDCAM material, but the BBC has some interesting articles on that, especially on the audio settings with audio advance settings. Can BlackMagic (indeed BM) shed any light on this? Sorry I can't be of more help.

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                  ray_ratliff Level 1

                  I will double check on the black magic driver.  I have questioned Black Magic several weeks ago regarding this, they suggested decrementing. 


                  The real reason this has become a problem is in the past, putting an HD open, credit bed & backgrounds off to HDCAM was a quick way to move files from my graphics workstation to the edit suites, now that I have this issue, I have to transcode them to the DNX codec, which takes quite a bit of time & only having a dual xeon cpu & 3GB ram consumes most of my system resources so that I can not continue working in After Effects of Studio Max. 




                  If anyone else has feedback, please share, thank you again for your suggestions!