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    Use Applescript to copy Layer Objects between documents

    GFLORO Level 1

      I am trying to script the following with AppleScript:

      1. User chooses reference and target files

      2. open the reference file

      3. Select and copy the objects on a specific layer to the clipboard

      4. Paste clipboard contents into specific layer in target file


      The InDesign CS3 dictionary has a copy command, but I encounter an error every which way I try to use it

      copyv : Copies the selection in the active document window to the clipboard.



      My script so far:

      -- prompt user for reference and target files

      set the reference_file to choose file with prompt "Select the InDesign reference file:" without invisibles

      --set the target_file to choose file with prompt "Select the target file:"

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"


      set myLayer to "Layer 1"

      open reference_file

      tell active document

      set reference_layer to object reference of (layer myLayer)

      select every page item of reference_layer

      copy selection

      --close reference_file saving no

      end tell

      end tell



      "Adobe InDesign CS3 got an error: selection of active document doesn’t understand the copy message."


      Any one know how to use the copy verb correctly?