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    Action script2.0

    sujathaflashactionsc Level 1

      hi all,
      i am facing one problem while sending Information from flash tp jsp.
      In my .as File i am using this code
      private var __nodeIdXML:XML;
      __nodeIdXML.load("example.jsp?param1=" + escape(anno)

      by using this if the param1 length exceeds 1521 jsp not getting the Information from flash
      what i think is may be i am sending info through query string means using GET method.
      get has some limit of sending the data.

      instead of that i am using
      var my_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
      my_lv.param1 = anno;
      my_lv.param2 = "new";
      my_lv.editType = "new";
      my_lv.nodeLevel = "false";
      my_lv.send("example.jsp", "","POST");

      Now from my JSP i am retriving the varibales using

      every thing working but i am getting one pop up window every call of this function
      it open one window example.jsp in that open,save,close button are there

      if anybody facing similar problems please let me know the solution.

      if any other method to send the data to jsp using POST method please provide
      sample code.

      i am trying to use

      my_lv.sendandload("example.jsp", "","POST"); or

      my_lv.load("example.jsp", "","POST");

      in my JSP i am not getting any info from flash.

      please provide the solution for this...........