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    Arrow keys force "commit" of Transform

    bunner bob Level 1

      I'm dragging some large images into a FW document and then transforming them (Command-T) to a smaller size. When I get them close to final size I nudge them around to make sure they're really the size I want - but as soon as I tap an arrow key the Transform control handles go away and I'm no longer in "transform" mode.


      I assume this means that FW resamples the image pixels at that point - and so any further transforming counts as a second transformation (with further pixel degradation).


      Why would using the arrows cause the Transform to "commit" like this? Photoshop doesn't do it...


      Just another CS 4 inconsistency I guess (sigh)...

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          pixlor Level 4

          If you know what size you want, use the Numeric Transform menu, instead:

          1. Modify > Transform > Numeric Transform on the menu or Ctrl-Shift-T keyboard shortcut
          2. Select Scale or Resize from the drop down box (depending on exactly what you want to do)
          3. Set the parameters you want (percentage for Scale, pixel sizes for Resize)
          4. Click OK


          It's much easier than working with a mouse or nudging arrow keys.

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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

            You can save yourself a ton of hassle just by using the File > Import option for those large files.

            What happens is you get an Import cursor.


            Click once and your image is brought in pretty much the same as when you drag/drop.


            However, here's the timesaver. Instead of the click once on import, hold the Shift key, then Click + Drag and you have an instant resize proportinate to the size of your click+drag.


            PS can't do that



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              bunner bob Level 1

              Photoshop _does_ have the "Place" command, which places the imported file at fit-in-window size, with transform handles active.


              But your suggestion is a good one.



              Pixlor - in this case I'm bringing a large image into a mask and I can't really say how big I want it to be until I see it. But good to know about Command-Shift-T.




              Here's another one to cry about though - the "Fit all" command. In Photoshop when you are free-transforming and go Fit All it really Fits All. FW just seems to fit the document dimensions, so then you have to zoom out a bunch if your image is really big.

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                heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                True, still not as dynamic as Fw workflow, imo.


                Bob, if you have gripes/bugs, best to report them so it reaches the right people.



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                  bunner bob Level 1

                  Thanks for the link. I'm still gonna gripe here - bit less of a black hole, plus more chance of stirring up a mob, pitchforks, torches, etc.


                  I'm getting the feeling FW is a bit more solid on the PC. Wonder if it started life there?


                  It's interesting - I was talking to my wife about UI "feel" in various programs. We're all Mac so can't speak to the PC side, but Photoshop on the Mac just responds like it's reading your mind. FW does not - frequently misses clicks, doesn't select "intuitively", things drag funny or not where you want them to, etc. Flash too, maybe a little less so. Illustrator is picky too to some extent. InDesign as well. They all feel different and none as smooth as Photoshop.


                  We both miss Freehand. Interesting since it was also a Macromedia app (and other apps like FW or Flash don't seem to "feel" as smooth), but like Photoshop it seemed to have a well tuned UI as far as selecting and manipulating things. Illustrator feels a bit more "professional" as an app but not as slick in UI responsiveness.


                  Fireworks is this weird app that I want to like, and I think I DO like it, except that it has all these parts that just don't work like they "should" (i.e. like the user expects/intuits them to). Kind of like an old British motorcycle. I'm forcing myself to use it instead of my previous Photoshop/Imageready workflow, and I must say it's nice to stay in one app to work. Still takes me twice as long to do anything but guess that's learning curve.

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                    heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                    I know exactly what your saying, and how you feel.


                    It's best to resolve that the ex-Macromedia items will get there on par soon enough.