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    JimP: "Source could not be found for [Flex class] in [path]" - why?




      Flex Builder allows you to bring up the source code for a given class by (Command)-clicking on its name in your source code. This code navigation feature is extremely helpful, because the ultimate Flex documentation is always Flex's source code.  :-)


      However, recently, the feature has stopped working in my project.  Whenever I click on a Flex class name, the file does not come up; instead, I get an alert box:

           title:        "Code Navigation Error"

           contents: "Source code could not be found for [the Flex class I clicked on] in /eclipse/Adobe Flex Builder 3 Plug-in/



      The code navigation feature works fine if I click on one of my own classes rather than one of Flex's.


      Apparently, the path that is SUPPOSED to lead to Flex's source code, doesn't.


      Here's my multi-part question:

      1. How can I unscrew the source path so that it is correct?

      2. What developer actions affect the source path? Knowing this, perhaps I can avoid screwing up the source path in future.


      Thanks!  :-)


      Jim Plamondon

      Austin, Texas