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    Same  mxml compiled twice using mxmlc generates different swf

    gord cody

      Hello. I have tried the flex user forum to no avail regarding this issue.


      Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get consistent output.


      Checkout mxml files from svn.

      Compile 1 mxml file using mxmlc

      Move generated swf aside

      Compile same mxml file using mxmlc again.


      The content of the 2 swf files are very different from each other, not just a few bytes for a timestamp. From my perspective doing

      release mgmt this is not giving me (or my mgmt) very high comfort level.


      FB3 is doing the same thing but I thought I might make some progress on this issue using the simpler mxmlc


      Thanks for any help

      Regards, Gord

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          matt_chotin Level 3

          What I'd recommend to ensure that the SWF is the same is generating a link report.  It will have information on the size of each piece, and what pieces are in there.  You can use that to verify I think.  The reason it appears so different is because linking the SWF together can sometimes put different pieces in different areas of the SWF as long as all of the dependencies are placed before.  So for example, leaf nodes in the dependency tree may move around on you.