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    Extending Camera for Netstream


      Howdy all,


         I have a project that I am playing with for an e-learning development tool for our school's faculty. We had started playing with Augmented Reality; and while I think there are still too many limiting constraints on that technology for us at the moment, it did give me an idea of integrating papervision 3D with a webcam for lectures using a more conventional approach.


        What I would like to do is to place two layers in a canvas and record the canvas as a camera source to send to our FMS server. Layer 1 would be the Video object attached to the webcam, while Layer 2 would be a papervision viewport in which the instructor could drag/drop and interact with 3D models. This seems like it should be a fairly straightforward implementation (theoretically). Using the Bitmap class I can capture a snapshot of the canvas (both layers). Capturing 30 bitmaps a second would be similar to the camera's operation (without the compression). The only issue is that NetStream has only an attachCamera and an attachAudio method. I cannot find any Open Source code for flash.media.Camera or flash.net.Netstream so I cannot see how netstream is pulling the info from the camera or how the camera stores the captured video information.


        Is there a way to do this using Flex or AIR????