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    PE3.02 Fonts missing


      Spec as before.

      Suddenly there are no fonts in the top right panel?

      From previous thread I successfully made a single .avi file but there was a bad chapter title which i need to rebuild (My mistake) using the 'Add text' feature. I dont know the name of the font used and if I did could not get the right colour!

      I've tried rebooting and opening another project, but no luck?

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Do you mean fonts or the titler Text Styles. If the Styles go to C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\My Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements\3.0\Styles In this folder is one file named workingset.prsl. Re-name this file workingset.old.prsl and start up PE3 and go into the titles workspace. The titler styles should
          re-appear. Re-naming this file automatically re-instates the default workingset.prsl file. Renaming this file restores the default workingset file which restores the titler styles.