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    About opening multiple files at once (in one program instance)

    HenryWalkerWalker Level 1

      While developing an Image Viewer application i realized i had to give it some functionality for when a user selects multiple images in a directory and presses enter to open them with my app.


      Everything is going well except for one tiny detail:

      The Windows OS believes i am trying to open several instances of my Image Viewer, it even alerts me that "Choosing to 'Open' 26 items at once may take a long time and cause your computer to respond slowly."


      It then hangs for a few seconds before opening my app. And i am talking about only 26 items. If i were to open more, the time it hangs is proportional and for that time the cpu usage is as its maximum (in this case a quad core).



      So, do you know about a solution to this? Or at least a workaround?

      Ideally, Windows would end up knowing i'm trying to open several files in only one program instance.


      ps: i already tried deactivating the code that loads the Images, even with the InvokeEvent Listener doing nothing, Windows takes a lot of time trying to open 26 program instances.