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    Some open, some don't.  Help appreciated.


      A friend is a local Parish Councillor in a London Borough.  The Borough have recently put all the planning applications online in pdf form.  He has Acrobat Reader 9 installed.  He can open pdfs from other sources including my own organisation's website but none of the planning documents from the Borough.  I have no problem opening them using exactly the same browser and Reader.  Apparently, other local people are having the same problem.  I have talked him through trying Reader with IE7, Firefox and Google Chrome.  Same result for him and they all work for me.  I can open them in a browser in Chrome for example and as a desktop pdf in IE, where I can check on "Properties" and find that the docs are created by "Generic 25C-1" in version 1.4 for Reader 5x or later.  I have gone through all the settings and they are exactly the same on his PC as on mine.


      He has contacted the council and the irony is that the head of customer relations has exactly the same problem although his wife can open the docs on her PC!


      The way the council have set the website up prevents you from right clicking on a doc and saving it to the desktop.  You have to click on a button marked "View" as the only way to access the docs.


      Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like they were created by a third party product rather than anything by Adobe.


          I would start there. They probably don't meet Adobe's PDF standards and the newer versions of Acrobat and Reader are a little pickier about that.

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            Wulfrunian Level 1

            Thanks for the reply ~graffiti.  I had already spoken to my friend who is trying to find out from the council which pdf creator they actually use.  A Google search of Generic 25C-1 indicates that it is Konica Minolta or Imagistics printer software which creates the pdf from a Postscript file if I read it right.  It still doesn.t explain why, when we have exactly the same OS, browser and version of Reader, I can open the docs and he can't.  I intend to go to his house and really check on his settings when I have time, just to make sure. although, again, he can open pdfs from other sources.

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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yeah that's going to be a tough one to track down. It could be in Reader or it could be a system preference that he has set differently. I wouldn't rule either out.


              Good luck.