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    Final Render of text paragraphs distorts the text?

    digitalelf Level 1

      I have several paragraphs that I have animated and rendered using the DV template in CS4. These paragraphs were rendered as avi files to be used in a NLE video program: Sony Vegas Pro 8.


      Prior to rendering the comps, I viewed them in a RAM Preview and they worked flawlessly, however when viewing the final render, they showed distortion as the paragraphs moved from the bottom of the screen to the top. There were no effects applied to these paragraphs, just position from the bottom of the screen traveling to just shy of the top of the screen. How can I smooth out the text as it travels?


      The whole comp is about 10 seconds long; the text travels over a 5 second period and then stops and the comp continues another 5 seconds without any action (to give enough time for the audience to read). After the text stops, it is clear (without distortion). It is only distorted as it is traveling up. How do I smooth out the text as it travels?