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    Can't figure out how to get zoom effect work like I want to.

    Ludwig Von Antero

      I was workin on a video, where there should appear and disappear a 200% zoom area in the middle of the screen.

      So I added zoom effect to my clip. I made it the size that I wanted and added some feather to it.

      Now, the problem is that I dont want it to be there all the time, just for few seconds.

      Ofcource I could just cut the video and add the zoom on on the small part, but I want it to appear smoothly and fade away.


      I know how to edit videos opacity etc, but the when I try to make the zoom effect do the same, it doesnt work.

      I also tried to get it to move from left to right, but that didnt work either, so I tought maybe I'm doing something wrong.


      Heres a pic from what I have done:



      As you can see I added two keyframes; first has 100% Magnification and the second has 200%.

      But it doesn't do whan I tought it would do. It's 200% from the beginning to the end.


      I did the same thing with zooms own Opacity, trying to fade it, but got the same result.

      Same happened when I tried to make the Center move slowly to its right place. It just stays at the same spot.


      What am I missing here?