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    How to deactivate D11 on a Mac...


      Since I'm ready to upgrade to 11.5 I did a search on best practices to avoid "surprises": I found at "Director @ Night" forum the following post: "When you install Director 11.5 it automatically overwrites 11. Meaning you just lost your Director 11 license because you did not deactivate it first.

      If you want to go back to 11 because the new features break your old game, you have a problem. It will tell you your license has been used." I went to look for a: Help > Deactivate option (following Adobe´s advice on http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Director/11.5/UsingScripting/WSAE22EFF0-6FD1-4fe8-927A-9E364A6 12E8C.html ) and... there is no such option in my version of Director 11.


      Any ideas? Does it has to do with a single-user retail license issue? Thanks in advance!