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    Video question: Can I check the compression settings on flv file?

    Florence Barrau-Adams

      Hi, I have two questions.  First, once a video file has been encoded into an flv is there a way to confirm the compression settings?  Say if I wanted to double check that I had the right setting or duplicate setting of a flv I encoded earlier, is there a way to access this info?  Like QT you can choose Movie Inspector.


      In QT I opened a flv file that was encoded with a Max data rate: 50kbps (I know, I know very low but it's the setting I was given). I then selected Movie Inspector thinking it could do the trick but it listed the data rate as 359.68 kbits/s.  I'm confused, my second question is if I encoded at a Max data rate: 50kbps how is 359.68 listed as it's data rate in QT?


      I'd appreciate any explanations.