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    Dynamic Link from Premiere to After Effects (Source footage keeps erasing)


      I am using Premiere cs4 and when I right clip on a clip on my sequence and hit (Replace with After Effects Composition) It opens it up with after effects.  That part works.  I also can make changes in After effects to the clip and I go back to Premiere and the changes are made.  The problem is when I close After effects, in my premiere project the file that I changed in after effects goes offline and It is only color bars.  If I open up the after effects project again it also shows that the source footage I edited is offline.


      How do I fix this issue.   All I want to do is take a couple clips in my premiere project and edit them in after effects.  How do I keep it through the dynamic link and keep it saved even when after effects is closed??  Or if I have to reopen after effects how do I make it so the footage loads back in?


      Please help!