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    Flex Tutorials: SQLite



      I have been working with Php/mysql for more than 5 years but since I am interested in RIA I have decided to move to Adobe Flex and Adobe Air. I am interested in learning how to deal with Local File database (.db file) and relational databases.

      I have found many tutorials and documentation online (including adobe's) about databases, I have even read two books about Adobe Flex, but none explains exactly how to show those results either in a grid or in a label-text.

      Here is my exercise:
      I want to show two grids in a page, each grid shows two different tables but related to each other with an "index".

      Here's an example: One grid showing all customers (two colums name and address), and another grid showing the products purchased by the customer I am actually highlighting in the first grid, I hope you understand what I mean. Of course, data is stored in a .db file which contains a "customers" table and "products" table.
      Also, When I am highlighting a customer in the first grid (which contains only two colums -name,adress-), I want to show all his full-details in a container under a label-text format and not a grid. Example: When I highlight "John" in the grid that contains my customer's list I will see in the container:
      Name: John doe

      Adress: Washington DC
      Registration date: 05/26/2008
      City of birth: NY


      Meanwhile in the second grid I will see the list of the producs he purchased.


      Can anybody help me with this ?


      Thanking you in anticipation for your help,


      Kind regards,