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    PageMaker 4.0 to 7.0 in $79 or Less


      Claudio & All Others,


           Thanks for the good advice, as well as the bad, and the wisecrack attacks on one another!  $79 is a marble in the bucket if I can continue with the page layout as I started it, otherwise I'll have to dig the old Pentium I out of the garage and hope the hard drive still works.

           In either case the time is right for completion of the 3 novels, as the country needs a distraction from the broken economy.  In fact, since this is a world-wide phenomenon, it probably means I can have all 3 books translated into all the major languages and because the ethnicity of the planet has gone green, recycled paper and electronic editions both will be made available.

           Sometimes, as a writer and commentator on the harsh realities of popularistic mistake-making, you run into dead ends and cul de sacs of where to take your story next.  Therefore, one must wait for society to hop on the hay wagon of mass dillusion and commit themselves to a tragic political or financial train wreck.  And in this case my contemporary peers out there in 3D-land, if you can call yourselves anything more than my contemporaries, some have given me the fodder by which all 3 of my novels can be completed.  So in the future look for my work of fiction The Legend Of Johhny P., my non-fiction work twenty years in the making, Medical Hostage, and the third piece, I apologize, because I haven't settled on the title as of yet, but how does Borrelia Obamarama; A Tale of Tick-bourne Political Pathogens grab your brass tacks?

           As far as Spam E-mail goes, I have total control over what gets filtered out and what doesn't  ~~  Keystroke Delete.

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          Jay Chevako Level 3

          Try calling the adobe store at Order by Phone: 1.800.585.0774 to see about an upgrade to PM 7 for $79. Their site lists previous versions of pagemaker as being eligible for upgrade, but no specific version numbers


          But do note if you are truly planning multi lingual versions Pagemaker's support for Non Roman fonts is very limited. and they have a limited selection of hyphenation dictionaries for different languages.