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    AF keeps resizing as 80x60. please help


      I havnt had any problems with this untill a little while ago. I would import a video sized at 320x240 to be edited normally after I add it to my composition on the bottom and finish editing and exporting it stays at 320x240. But now when I drag it to my project palet its 320x240 but when I drag it to the composition box it becomes 80x60(wayy to small). and after editing and exporting it remains at 80x60. How do I fix this?

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Is the composition preview resolution set to 1/4?  If so, switch it to Full resolution.


          Are you using File/Export to output your movie?  (Sounds like you are, because many options use the current settings, like Preview Resolution, when exporting.)

          If so, try using the Composition/Make Movie function and use the Render Queue for output, which will give you many more options and controls for your output.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The first thing to do is to check the movie properties by opening it in the player. Make sure that it is actually the size you want.


            If this movie was a quicktime movie and you opened it in Quicktime then scaled down the QT window and saved the file you've added a header to the movie that says you want to open the movie at the new size. AE sees this tag and uses it to define the composition size.


            The fix is to open the movie in the QuickTime player, view it at actual size, then save the movie. Now when you import the movie into AE the size tag will match the pixel dimensions of the movie and everything should work just fine.

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              taiy4ki Level 1

              Nevermind I got it.


              Thanks everyone