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    Recieving 1 FPS while using video viewer in Premiere pro CS4


      (Do forgive me If I do not use the proper jargin as I am new to Premiere)


      When I import a new video for editing it only plays at 1 frame per second in the source monitor video viewer as well as in the timeline monitor video viewer. I've gone through the guide provided by Adobe for maximizing Premiere in Windows Vista. Anything I can do to improve the framerate of the viewer? because editing is impossible when you cannot see more than 1FPS of the video you are editting. Sometimes it slows down to .2 FPS =(


      Computer stats:

      OS: Windows Vista Premium 64

      CPU: Intel QuadCore Q9550 2.83GHz

      RAM: 4Gigs DDR3

      GPU: Nvida 9800 GX2 (1 Gig Graphics RAM)


      Source Video:

      WMV (Recorded at 30FPS)


      2247 Datarate/bitrate (video)

      1410 bitrate (audio)

      I'm not sure how to detect which codec it is (sorry) but if you explain to me I'd be more than happy to figure it out.

      I have about 30 or 40 of these clips I need to edit and all of them are about 150-300 MB in size


      Attempts Made to Correct issue:

      Folllowed the Guide for Optimizing Premiere in Windows Vista

      -Defragmented Hard drives

      -Disabled all non essential Start up process and services using MSCONFIG

      -Ensured DMA was enabled

      -Increased the amount of virtual memory