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    How can I put move requests in stuck and continue working?

    IlyaG Level 1

      I have a map and a unit moving on this map, I wont to give him 2 moving orders and continue for my another staff.


      this is part of my program so I try to explain to you the parameters of this function in the way I choose to represent it:


      destination:String is a string looking like this: "x,y" where x and y are the coronations.


      getLocNum(location:String, isX:boolean) returns the x value if isX set to true or the y value if its false.


      _units is an Array with images and you can ignore from unitID for now.


      _location:String is also a string form "x,y" family, that show the correct unit location.


      I hope this were clear enough for you to try and help me out with this.


      Here we go:


      public function testMoveUnit(destination:String,unitID:int=0):void


      var myMove:Move=new Move();











      Right now the unit only moves for his x direction and if I remove the first myMove.play() request so its going for the destination, so the only problem is when I am adding my first move().


      And for another question may be more complicated then that is how can I know if my unit is in a middle of his move and I don't wont to interrupt him right now, I mean at the future when the function be called again.