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    Cannot drag file to stage from library. HELP! New users


      I'm trying to create a photo gallery and thumbnails in Flash. I've completed the following:

      1.       Open a New Flash document (action script2.0).

      2.       Properties Panel to change the size of the stage to 600x400 pixels and set the frame rate to 16 frames per second.

      3.       Select all of your images and thumbnails and imported them to the Library.

      4.       Rename the 1st Layer to masterclipmc

      5.       Select Rectangle from the Tool Bar and draw out a box.

      6.       Align the rectangle to the stage CTRL  “K” by selecting “to stage”, then vertically and horizontally center align.

      7.       Select F8 to make a movie clip. Name it masterclipMC

      8.       Delete the rectangle by double clicking it.

      9.       Then double click anywhere outside on the stage to back out of that layer.

      10.   Select all the images and create a movie clip for each. F8 (img1, img2,….etc)

      11.   Made a new folder and put the original images in a newly created folder.

      12.   Went to libraries and right click on masterclipMC. Select edit.

      15.   Rename the frame to ”photos”

      16.   Select the movie clips and drag them onto the stage.  Realign them to the center.

      17.   Shut off the visibility of the layer.

      18.   Create a thumbs and thumbs action script layers

      19.   Tried to bring my thumbnails to the stage.

      I get a circle with a line through it on the stage.

      What am I doing or not doing correctly?