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    Broken Codecs

    hhansard Level 1

      Running Sherlock, I get the following broken codecs:


      Broken Codecs
        "MainConcept (Adobe2) AAC Decoder"
           FileName       = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS4\ad2daac.ax"


        "MainConcept (Adobe2) H.264/AVC Decoder"
           FileName       = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS4\ad2dsh264.ax"


        "MainConcept (Adobe2) H.264/AVC Video Encoder"
           FileName       = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS4\ad2evh264.ax"


        "MainConcept (Adobe2) MPEG Audio Encoder"
           FileName       = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS4\ad2mceampeg.ax"


        "MainConcept (Adobe2) MPEG Video Encoder"
           FileName       = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS4\ad2mcevmpeg.ax"


      How do I fix this without a complete reinstall of CS4?





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          This is a Sherlock problem, not an Adobe problem.

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            hhansard Level 1

            Can I ask how you know that?


            Sherlock has never given be bad data in the past.


            Is there some other way to verify the codecs?


            I have never been able to get AME to output h.264 without crashing, so I

            just moved to another codec due to time pressures and forgot about the issue



            Thanks, Hugh

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              There have been numerous posts about some inaccuracies from Sherlock. Search for them. It appears, IMSMR (if memory serves me right) to have to do with quotes used in the registry, that are not properly recognized. If you want you can do a repair installation of CS4 without the need to completely uninstall, clean and reinstall.

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                Jeff Bellune Level 5

                It's not a problem with Sherlock.  The necessary files exist on your

                system, but the path to those files is not listed properly in the

                Windows Registry.


                So any program like GSpot or Sherlock will not be able to find the files

                based on the registry entries, and the files will be reported as

                missing.  I don't know if this an oversight by Adobe, or if it was done

                deliberately to prevent non-Adobe apps from using the Adobe-provided codecs.


                You can manually set up the proper registry entries, but it's a tedious

                task and definitely not worth it.  All Adobe apps that need those codec

                files can access them with or without the registry entries.



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                  hhansard Level 1



                  I'll try the repair method.


                  I'll also look into the registry to see how these are quoted.


                  It just seems like a strange coincidence that of the 175 codecs on my

                  machine, that these are the only ones to report an error, and I have has

                  problems with h.264 under CS4, but not CS3.


                  I'll give it a whirl.





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                    hhansard Level 1



                    I'll look at the registry entries to see how much I am willing to invest in

                    the solution.





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                      Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Here is the explanation in the wikia on this false error.




                      While Adobe appears to have failed to fix this in CS4, it was a new "problem" in CS3, and I think they should treat it as a bug and fix it.  Note that they only register the codecs for Premier, but include codecs in each program's directory.  Anyway; just odd.


                      hansard, look for the file that sherlock says is missing.  If it is there, the codecs are not your problem.

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                        hhansard Level 1

                        Thanks for the many replies.


                        I believe that Adobe should expose the codecs to avoid confusion in the future.


                        Even after editing the individual registry entries, some of the codecs were not exposed, so there may be something more to this story.


                        After all said and done, not worth editing the registry -- time consuming and does not entirely solve the issue.


                        Thanks again,


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                          BedtymeBear Level 2

                          I know this thread is marked as "answered", but I ran into that issue with Premiere CS3 and did come up with a decent way of getting rid of the errors on Sherlock that I wanted to share:


                          You need "unregister" and then re-"register" the codec in Windows.


                          What you do is run the following two commands for each of the files:


                          regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS4\ad2daac.ax"

                          regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS4\ad2daac.ax"


                          These command require administrator privilege, so in Vista, I had to type these in the Command Prompt by right-clicking on its shortcut in the Start Menu and choosing the Run As Administrator option. On XP, I just went to Start > Run to type in these commands.


                          I don't know if, as was suggested, Adobe (or perhaps MainConcept?) is trying to prevent others from using the codecs, or what reason this problem really exists, but doing the above worked for me.



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                            hhansard Level 1

                            Il'' give this a shot and update my thread accordingly.



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                              I have the same problem with Premiere Pro CS3


                              How can I look for the location of the "missing" codecs and fix the problem?



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                                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                For more information, follow this link from post 7:



                                Solution 1: Ignore it; this is almost always a false error.

                                Solution 2: don't use Sherlock (or Gspot) for reporting missing codecs, use one from the link above, which actually check the location of the file.

                                Solution 3: look at the file Sherlock says is missing and see if it in fact is there.  If it is, then follow Solution 1.

                                Solution 4: Edit your registry and remove the quotation marks around these codec names.  Sherlock will then report correctly.


                                I recommend solution 3.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  As Stanley says, this is most often a "false positive." The problem comes from the naming convention, that Adobe uses when registering the MainConcept CODECS. Mainly, this is done to "protect" these CODEC's, as many programs will overwrite, or displace existing CODEC's on a system. By changing the naming convention, these are "safe." Some have speculated that Adobe does this, as the trial version does not do MPEG's of any sort, and the naming convention can be altered to include/exclude the MainConcept CODEC's. I have no knowledge of this, other than speculation that I have read.


                                  Both Sherlock and G-Spot look for specific naming conventions, and get very confused by Adobe's treatment.


                                  Stanley hit the nail on the head.


                                  Good luck,