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    JimP: Setting View Source's srcpath -- how?

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      Here's a tiny liittle Flex app:


      I'd love to show you the source to this app, but I don't know how to do so. I have been pounding Google and reading books (half a dozen so far) and none of them say how to specify the path of the "View Source" menu item.  They say "Just select Project ->Export Release Build, check the View Source option, and voila! You're done!" But that is not the end of the process.  That's just the start.


      - How, *exactly*, does one place a Flex app on a given web page? Obviously, I've learned a tidbit or two about this, or I wouldn't be able to place the above app in this web page. But maybe I'm doing it wrong, and perhaps that wrongness is causing my View Source problems.


      - The app above is online at http://www.igetitmusic.com/blog/SWFs/Tweener/Tweener.swf. To get it there, I copied the entire bin-release folder to my server's SWFs folder, and renamed it after the project name ("Tweener").  Is this the right thing to do?


      - The above app's View Source menu item looks for its source code in some apparently-random place.  I say "apparently-random," because I cannot find documented anywhere the process by which this path's default is determined, and the process by which you set it to something other than the default.


      The question, then, is this: What, *exactly* -- leaving out no "obvious" steps -- is the algorithm for publishing a Flex application to the Web, such that its View Source menu item works?


      The meta-question is, where is this algorithm documented? I suspect that this as-yet unread tome will hold the key to answering many other similar questions that have been bugging me.


      Overall, I am really enjoying the process of learning Flex. It's this "obvious" stuff that's tripping me up (and thereby bugging the crap outa me)...


      Respectfully, and with sincere appreciation for any help, I am




      Jim Plamondon

      Austin, Texas