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    button action to go back to main timeline movie container

      i made a movie clip "container" on my main nav which pulls every other page into it. i have a progressive preloader on the portfolio section and if you click to go to another page while it is loading, it spazzes out. so for the portfolio section i took the buttons off the main nav and put them in the portfolio section. I can't just put a script to load the new movie because the buttons have brackets that move and close the word of the page you are on.

      I need a script that says on release to go to and play a label on the main nav with the movie container.

      to pull the movies into the main nav i made a movie clip container and put script on the buttons to gotoandplay a movie which loads the new swf after is plays using this action:


      i thought i could just use:


      in the portfolio section but it doesnt work.

      please help if this makes sense!