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    Time Remapping messes other effects

    Ludwig Von Antero

      After I have made changes with Time Remapping to my video, I want to add some other effects to it. For example a Gausian Blur.

      Problem is that after the Time Remapping, nothing follows the keyframes anymore.


      Here's a sample video of the Time Remapped video:


      It's a small clip for a videogame. First few second are speeded up and when the guy gets killed and starts to fall down, the video slows down.

      This works perfecty.


      You can see the settings here:




      Now when I try to add (for exaple) Gausin Blur to it, things go wrong.

      I added keyframes so that the blurring starts after the guy gets killed.

      But here's the problem:



      As you can see from the Effect Controls tab, the blurring isn't supposed to start yet. It even says Blurriness 0,0, but when you check the preview you can see its all blurred already. This happens with all the effects (or atleast in the handfull of effects I've tried).


      Everything works fine if I haven't set some Time Remapping.


      Dunno if this is the case, but I'm quessing the effect tries to do its job by the original timeline.

      I think this because it would make sence. The sample video is speeded up, making it shorter -> making the effect longer.


      Any idea is this a fault in the software or am I the fault?

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi, i works for me, but i am on 4.0.0 because of other issues.

          Which version are you one?

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            Ludwig Von Antero Level 1

            I had 4.0.0, but when it didnt work,I upadated it. But the problem still exists.


            Tried to do this backwards, so I added the Gausian Blur first and then Time Remapped the video. This makes the effect start at the right place, but it doesen't solve the "bug". You can see from the image what I mean:



            At that point Blurriness is 0,0 and the first keyframe is seconds away according what you see on the timeline, but when you check the the preview you can see this not to be true.


            What you can see and what is really happening is just not synced poperly when ever I use the Time Remapping.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What kind of codec does the avi use?

              Might be the cause of the effects not propperly working.

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                Ludwig Von Antero Level 1

                I captured the video from the game with porgram called Fraps. Assumed the avis were not using any, since they were so massive in size. And the fact that it captures the video "on the fly". Any compression would take the juice out of PC, making the game laggy. (..well, atleast I thought that)

                But heres what GSpot says:


                Codec: FPS1

                Name: FRAPS Codec


                That indeed might be something odd. I'll convert them tonight and try it again. Thanks for the hint

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                  Ludwig Von Antero Level 1

                  I encoded the Fraps AVIs to Uncompressed UYVY 422, but it still doesnt work.

                  Is that codec still wrong? What do you suggest I should try to use?

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    Standard I-frame only camera formats seem to work best. Other formats seem to be hit or miss.


                    For standard definition resolutions, that means DV.  For high definition resolutions, that means DVCPRO HD.  Neither of which is likely to be an option for you, however.

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                      Ludwig Von Antero Level 1

                      Dunno what to do. I tried maybe 20 different codecs in different containers and nothing works.

                      I know Premier to be a great app and it is used by many professionals, but for my use it's not the one :/

                      Maybe I'll try Vegas or something. Shame really, since it would be nice to learn to use a great program from the start.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        Trying all different codecs is a really bad idea. It may require a complete reformat and reinstall of your system to regain stability.

                        Use PR for VIDEO editing with the proper codecs, if you want do do something else like educating Kuala bears on the Artic, maybe you better use another application.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          I know Premier to be a great app and it is used by many professionals


                          True, but most of them are likely using media from pro cameras, not video game captures.


                          but for my use it's not the one


                          Check out VideoSpin.  I's free, and may suit your needs.  I haven't tried it, but it's made specifically for folks like yourself.


                          "Avid Technology Inc. today unveiled  VideoSpin® 2.0 an ideal solution for consumers with no video editing experience who want to quickly and effortlessly share their entertaining videos on the Web."

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                            Ludwig Von Antero Level 1

                            Whats your porblem dude All your posts I've seen here are like: "go google" or something that doesn't really help anybody. Useless show off. If you don't have anything usefull to say, please do us a favor, don't say anything. You clearly know about things, but why don't you just share your knowledge and feel happy that you can help. There's always few people like you on every forum/community.

                            And what comes to the codecs I've tried, I haven't installed anything additional codecs to my system other than xvid. All I have came with windows and premiere. How would using them to encode some avis mess my system up, dunno.


                            Tried Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 trial, and the Fraps avis worked straigt without any hassle. Dunno why they dont work on PR. I know, I know, Premiere is not made for them, but to some straight from camera footage. Still.. it feels odd to me that it can't handle them.

                            Gonna stick with Vegas for now, altough it doesnt "look/feel" as good software as Premiere, but atleast I can use my videos with it.



                            Thanks to all for trying to help!

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                              Ludwig Von Antero Level 1

                              thanks mate, will try it out!



                              Maybe a bit too simple for my taste. Lacks some key features I need. Gotta try out the Sony's program more. They have few cheaper versions of it also, so maybe one of them will be the choice for me.

                              Appreciated the suggestion though

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Thanks for reporting on Vegas Studio handling your FRAPS footage. That program's output comes up a couple of times a year, and most folk here have no direct experience with it. Though a competetive product, the biggest thing is to get the job done, at the end of the day.


                                Good luck,



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                                  yes, this is a bug since it worked fine in CS3...another bug is with the 3d effect that cuts off pictures when you shrink it or change motion. It seems that the render order of the effects is getting messed up....but good news there seems to be  a workaround...not ideal but you can get your project done....



                                  for the time remapping issue.  set up your time remapping the way you want it and then do one of the two:


                                  nest...easy and quick but make sure you're happy with length of clip cause there seems   to be no changing it or

                                  create a new sequence and use this sequence to set up your time remapping layer.


                                  once you have a separate sequence bring the sequence back into the main sequence (no need to do this if you nested it but remember the drawback here is you can't make changes) now apply all your effects. The program shoudl see this nested sequence as a fluid video so any effects you add with happen regardless of the time remapping timing.


                                  Hope it helped...but also hope Adobe is on here and is looking for these things with future patches and updates.


                                  Ps... same thing works for Basic 3d issues. (nested sequences do the trick)

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                                    joshtownsend Level 2

                                    I can't replicate your problem at all, and I tried with a lot of FX so it has to be an issue with your system and Adobe. If you tried other codec then it being FRAPS isn't the problem.


                                    Here's my suggestion:

                                    You could try timeremapping then 'nest' the footage then apply effects or Time re-map the footage - render - then apply effects.



                                    I'm immpressed by the new SONY VEGAS 9.

                                    I actually think the new Vegas 9 is brilliant. I'm trying the demo right now. Still no P2 MXF support so no good for me, but the program is way snappy. And it also come with Logitec ball and jog ring driver for editing (something Adobe should do ASAP). It's also 64 bit Native (a great surprise when Vegas 8.1 update hit. Adobe would never do something that cool)

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                                      Bwax Level 1

                                      actually,  was not the original posted ...just am having the same issue with

                                      the time remapping....basically the effects don't take place until the time

                                      remapping resumes it's normal playback as if the render order is messed up.

                                      in any case if you read my post, I was suggesting the same workaround with

                                      the nesting.


                                      I'm not sure what you were referring to with FRAPS that may have been

                                      something brought up by the original poster... in any case this was

                                      occurring for me with simple DV AVI that was exported from Premiere CS3 and

                                      brought into CS4 project. I am running Intel core i7 on a 64 bit system with

                                      6 GB Ram .


                                      Thanks for the suggestions all the same.