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    *@#% CSS ...

      Hi guys ... I have struggle for quite some time now, with the formatting of dynamic text i Flash. Now I face the challenge of having inline formatting of specific words and headlines and so on. The only solution as far as I see it, is CSS formatting. I have read through the documentation in Flash 8, but it is very tough reading I think :-( I then fell across a sample file provided by Adobe -> YES! :-) BUT: it doesn't work!
      I have posted it on my server: http://www.plasque.com/test
      I have not changed ANY code! And the URL's used in the script are absolute and refer to files that are proven to be there.

      HOW COME it doesn't work ?!? How am I supposed to ever learn this, when the tutorial files doen't work?
      Please, please, please, somebody HEEEEEELP

      Peace, love and good karma
      pale dane