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    Flash CS4 running very very slow


      I posted a question before about this but the things suggested haven't worked, I am using CS4 Flash for the Mac. OSX 10.5 I have loads of hard drive space left but since crashing a few months ago after working fine, flash has become increasingly slower and slower, selecting anything or creating key frames or moving a shape has at least a 5 second delay no. This problem used to only start about 2 minutes into opening the programme but now it is like this from start up. It's making it nearly impossible to complete my work which is proving very stressful. since yesterday it has started effecting any other progammes I use. I only ever used Flash on it's own with sometimes Firefox open. Now firefox runs slowly when flash is open and most of the time Flash ends up crashing and has at one point said there was no memory to complete the task (I have plenty of hard drive space and I thought these new macs automatically assigned RAM to programmes that needed it) IT's becoming really buggy and sometimes clicking on a shape will make parts of the shape dissapear and yesterday it wouldn't let me use the keyboard shortcuts for any of the tools, it just kept error beeping at me.

      Could it be that there are some temporary files being saved somewhere they shouldn't? The project I'm working on is only about 60mb in size but is acting like it's 1000000mb or something.

      I'd really appreciate any help as this is prooving very stressful!