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    scrollbar covers up inner containers

    dfduiud33 Level 1
      I have several views in my project, each with several nested containers which are scaled using percentages. In one of my views, when I reduce the height of the outermost panel and the vertical scrollbar appears, the inner content is shifted over to make room so it's still all displayed. This is what I want. In another view, the scrollbar covers up the rightmost strip of content instead of shifting it over.

      Does anybody know why this is?

      If you need to see code I can post it but it's kind of convoluted.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Scrollbar behavior can be difficult. I know that allowing the the scrollbar to obscure content was a conscious decision on the part of the Flex engineers. I cannot explain why you have different behavior in different places.

          Whenever I have scroll bar issues (which is almost every app), I start by explicitly turning off horizontal and verticalScrollPolicy on *ALL* containers (I wish they were off by default) then I choose where I want the scrolling and enable them there, and adjust my container sizing as needed.