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    Runtime Error Installing AE 7 - published solutions not working


      I am attempting to install AE7 on a Dell Vostro 200.  After I run Setup.exe and select the language I get a dialog box with the following message:


      Runtime Error!

      Program D:\Adobe After Effects 7.0\Setup.exe

      The application has srequested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.

      Please contact the application's support team for more information.


      I searched Adobe's support site and found a notice that offerd 3 solutions for this specific problem: 1) Turn off DLA, 2) turn off all non-essential Start-up apps and Services and 3) create a new AdMin level use and install from within that user account.


      I've tried all three solutions but with no success.  The computer does not appear to have DLA activated (it doesn't show up when I look at the properties of the drive).  I have only the one drive on the computer.  I've downloaded the latest Windows update, but that hasn't helped either.


      I had previously installed this copy of AE7 on my old computer, an HP Pavillion - which was replaced by this new Dell.  The source disk installed fine on that computer and it has been stored in a safe location since - it does not appear to be damaged in any way.


      Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.