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    Button Visabilty



         I am a flash movie template that I sue to track and control external flash movies.


      When I load a movie using the loadMovieNum("name of file1.swf", 50); into the template the first time I use the following code to hide the options for the next button on the template:


      this.next_but._visible = false;
      this.next_txt._visible = false;
      this.next_men_but._visible = false;


      The template waits until a function is called from the loaded movie and unhides the relevant next button dependant on other outcomes.


      function setswfq1acomp (){
         if (this.tracker51cor > 0){
               this.next_men_but._visible = true;  // show next button
               this.next_txt._visible = true;
               this.next_but._visible = true;   // show next button
               this.next_txt._visible = true;


      This works fine on the first quiz frame, however on the next frame I unload the movie using:


      unloadMovieNum(50); // module 1b quiz


      and then load the next movie using the loadMovieNum("name of file2.swf", 50); into the same level.


      I use the same code as above to manage the buttons on this frame but this time the button is not visable on top of the movie, but if I hover over the area of the movie the button is active as if I click on this are of the movie it takes me to the correct location.


      I can't understand why the button visability works correctly the first time and not the second.


      Any help would be appreciated.