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    Slide presentation - auto starting flv video


      I'm trying out Flash CS4, and am using it to create a slide presentation. Would be great to get some help, please, as I feel stuck at the moment.


      Here's what I need:


      An intro slide to act as a "front cover", giving the user of the presentation a chance to load it up before initiating the following content.


      The next slide to contain a video, which starts playing as soon as the slide is loaded. Also on this slide, a few pieces of text need to appear at certain times as defined by me.


      Here's what I have so far:


      A blank 'slide1', ready for my content. Presenter presses the right arrow and it proceeds onto slide 2.


      A 'slide2', which has my flv video clip placed on it with optional play controls.


      So I need to know how to start the flv player automatically when slide 2 is opened. I think I need to place some ActionScript on frame 1 of slide2, but I don't know what. If I set the video to 'autoPlay' in the component inspector, it starts as soon as the swf presentation is opened, which is not what I want - it should only auto play when it's own slide is navigated to.


      Many thanks.