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    HD footage not burning into HD footage on PE7


      Hello Adobe world,

         As a background, im running Premiere Elements 7 with a Canon Vixia HV30 camcorder. I've posted a few threads before when trying to get this working on my Vista machine. Now that i have those issues figured out, I'm having another one. I'm able to capture HD footage into PE7 from my Canon, edit it and do all that good stuff. But when I go to "Share" the video and burn it to a DVD or even save it to my HDD, the end quality is not in HD as it was when i was capturing and editing. Im not good with ratio's and all the technical things that come into play with resolutions and all. What i do know is that in my presets of my project, I chose 1080i 30. On my Canon, i am filming in HDV30 (PF30). When I pulled the video from the Canon the "comp. out" setting was at 1080i. I'm wondering if there is something i need to be doing before I burn the project to disc to make it burn in HD. Has any one else ran into issues like this? Thanks in advance.