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    I need so much help...


              1)I have a Photoshop picture with multiple layers. (Effects Also Added)
                        Clock (No Hands)
              2)I have the Big and Small Hands for the clock on two different picutres.

              3)I have the script to making something spin.
                        Action Script 3.0

              P1) The hands on the clock are not positioned in the center, so when it spins it is kinda off key. What can I do to fix that?

              P2) Now, how to I add the spinning hands (once fixed without flaws) to the Photoshop .pdf file, so that it can co-exsist with the clock layer?

              P3) Now, Once past that, will the Photoshop .pdf file show the animation or not?

              P4) In general, if Im wrong with my step procedure, somebody please direct me hardcore. I am so lost and I have a project due in a couple of weeks.


               Im so lost... I have no problem sending the .pdf file's so someone can do it, if its to complicated to explain, but I am so lost...

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Don't worry about adding things to the Photoshop file (psd, not pdf).  You need them in a Flash file.  The hands should be separate pieces, movieclips, in Flash.  They should be positioned inside their movieclips such that the desired axis of rotation of each hand is at 0,0 position of its movieclip's stage.


          It sounds like you are dealing with a number of things you have no experience with or knowledge about.  You're not likely to get step by step lessons here, nor is it likely that someone will do this for you.  You might be able to hire someone.

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            zerodegrees214 Level 1

            I have experience but not as much as everyone else. I just got the entire adobe master collection. I used these programs before but not CS4 or CS3.

            I have the pdf, which I know to put it as a flash but... I had to make the background still picture with photoshop to add effects. I thought I could do that which I finished (without the hands), import it to flash, add the hands with animation and its done. But it isnt that easy. Sorry if im not as good as you. Im just another guy who needs help, no more than that.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You sound offended... I wasn't trying to do that--but you're posting in a Flash forum and seemingly talking about working in Photoshop.   You don't want to build the animation in Photoshop.  Try doing what I suggested for the hands.

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                AttaBoy2 Level 4

                First if you have $25 to invest in education go here http://www.lynda.com/ for $25 a month you can take some very good tutorials on just about anything Adobe.  There are free tutorials out there and some are very good I like gotoandlearn.com myself but the tutorials at Lynda are pretty comprehensive.  Take a course or two then you'll know enough to benefit from this forum.