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    comparison operator glitch

      I'm working through a tutorial to create a highscores table on flash using a database on mySql. Everything seems to be working well, until i get to the part where you have to compare the new score with the existing scores on the database. The code for that part is:

      if (lowestHighScore < newScore){
      } else {

      I'm constantly being sent back to frame 1 regardless of score. The only time i go to frame "submit_score" is when i change the "<" to either "<=" or ">=" or "!=" it doesn't make any difference as to which of those three i change it to regardless of the "newScore" value. I've copy pasted all the code from the tutorial to try and check my errors and my code is now identical, yet when i run his program it works, and when i do mine it fails :(

      I have no idea where my error is or what to try from here, any help would be greatly appreciated :)