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    JimP: Setting srcview in View Source -- how?




      I'm reposting this question because my previous posting on this topic had an error in it that made responding difficult.  My bad.


      Run this tiny Flex app (which does absolutely nothing of interest):



      ...and then select its "View Source" menu item (by right-clicking or command-clicking on it). Up comes the source code, which is in





      The same applet is embedded at the bottom of a blog posting here:


      ... by embedding a link to exactly the same SWF as above (that is, to http://www.igetitmusic.com/blog/SWFs/Tweener/Tweener.swf).


      Now, select the "View Source" menu item in the BLOG's reference to the applet.


      Whoa, Nellie!  It doesn't work!  It looks for the source code in the wrong place: http://www.igetitmusic.com/blog/2009/05/srcview/index.html.


      1. Where did that path name come from?
      2. What algorithm is the View Source menu item using to generate the path name to its source code?
      3. How can I override this algorithm's behavior so that embedding [swfpath]/foo.swf into [whatever]/aPage.html will cause the View Source menu item of that object look for its source at [swfpath]/srcview/index.html, not [whatever]/srcview/index.html?


      Respectfully, and with sincere appreciation for any help, I am




      Jim Plamondon

      Austin, Texas



      P.S.: PLEASE DO NOT tell me that "you can generate source by checking the "View Source" checkbox in the "Export Release Build..." dialog. Clearly (this is clear, isn't it?), the problem isn't generating the source, it is finding the source at runtime.