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    Virtual saving / Auto save like lightroom 2.0


      I am requesting an auto save feature where photoshop constantly creats a virtual backup of your active document as my laptop i am using,

      restarts if my computer overheats (which happens allot as i sit it on my lap) and as you can guess it gets frustrating when useing photoshop then my computer restarts and i loose all my work.


      if however when i restarted photoshop and my document was still there, it would be great as i dont need to repeat all the process' which take very long


      for example I was editing a friends image and litterally had 2 buttons left to click until i was going to save it, then my computer restarted...


      this would be a great feature i feel and every designer will be grateful for it

        • 1. with all due respect
          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          I think Your computer might need an overhaul, not Photoshop a new feature.

          Especially considering the drag background-saving would likely incur when working on files above GB file-size.

          So any such feature would better be optional at least.

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          • 2. Re: with all due respect
            uuilliam Level 1

            Yes ofcourse, make it optional

            and my computer does that as a security function so it doesnt overheat and burnout which is a good function i guess, i can leave my laptop on for weeks at a time and it wont cut out but if i block the fan then it cuts out after about 20 mins because it gets too hot inside, so along as i keep it on a table its no problem


            but i think allot of users would like the virtual backupcopy similar to lightroom 2.0's feature that way if they closed it by accident they can open it then restore session instead of wasting many more hours on photoshop doing something twice

            and i dont think many people do things over 1 GB of images in my honest opinion, the largest i have ever used in photoshop was the 700mb photo of space, which never even opened (rubbish computer at the time)


            but i understand what you mean.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Not sure if this is what you're asking for by "Virtual Saving" but to simulate LR's save-as-you-click backup, PS could save the history of all operations on an image, since the last Save, as you are working, so when the computer crashes, that saved history could be reapplied to the image on disk.


              Although it might take some time to replay these operations against a large image, it would be only a small amount of information to write out to disk, compared to actually saving the pixels of the image periodically which could stop you cold for seconds at a time.


              So to modify the original feature request:


              Record history to disk in real-time, and allow the option to reapply it to each image that has unsaved operations, when you start PS back up after an unexpected shutdown.

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                uuilliam Level 1

                that is exactly what i mean (kinda) like if you have lightroom then you open an image, edit it then close it by accident, re open the image and it is edited in lightroom still (it creates a virtual copy of the image so your never editing the image, your editing the virtual copy like if im editing an image in lightroom i will have img_01998.jpg and i would also have img_01998.xmp im editing the .xmp not the jpg, but when i save the file it saves as the jpg but if i dont save, it will stay on the xmp file


                but the last answer is pretty close and would work i guess