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    Student needs help - importing swf file into director

    Marcos Andronicou

      Hello i am a media student designing a website using Director 11.5. I downloaded one of those free flash photo viewers and used Photoshop Scripts to put all my photos in it and export it as an SWF file. When i import that file into my movie file in Director it doesn't seem to work. The flash movie file just doesnt play when it's going through Director , whereas it plays just fine when open the SWF file on it's own. Could anyone please help me ? I have a deadline to meet

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          I have no idea how "one of those free flash photo viewers" goes about importing or otherwise finding content it is to display, but I would suggest linking the Flash cast member to it's external file instead of fully importing it (see the options drop-down on the bottom of the import dialog when you press Ctrl + R). Also, if the swf is published with AS3 then it is expected to not work, as D11.5 doesn't support the latest version(s) of Flash